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Paulina Czech
Paulina Czech
As a personal trainer with holistic approach I focus on enhancing the well-being of clients, by empowering them with the knowledge, skills and guidance to assist them on the journey to a healthier life and mindful eating.

As a physiotherapist and body worker I try to concentrate on the real reason of back dysfunction or general pain which are related to weak posture or bad habits

It's never too late to start, we are created to move not to seat.

Life motto:
Sweat is only fat crying
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Mohammad Alweher
My goal as a personal trainer is to help people realize that they are athletic and that they have exercise potential.

Fitness is an integral part of an active and healthy life. It's about developing and maintaining energy, strength and flexibility so that you can handle what life brings you. So if you didn't make you mind ...Let's get started!

Abdullah Ahmad
I am the one who focus on right goals to get the best benefits and results from exercises and the best part of me is the fact that the client can challenge himself and unconsciously push his limits and increase awareness of each movement.

Life motto:
Be someone nobody ever thought you could be